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El Parcerito (Trusted Friend)


Don Julio’s was founded in September 2009 by Arnoldo and Mark, Arnoldo began his career as a cook in a small Italian restaurant located in Brooklyn NY. As he acquired experience he began creating new dishes for the restaurant. His unique signature dishes added Latin flavors to the already tasty Italian dishes. Soon himself and the rest of the staff created a catering menu to deliver the best Italian and Latin American food to clients throughout the NYC area.

Now relocated many years in the NOVA area, Arnoldo has recently decided to invest his expertise, hard work and patience into what is officially called “Don Julio’s Kitchen,” a Central and South American catering business with many all American menu items that fulfill the need of every client. “Don Julio’s” offers a large range of dishes like the world famous “Bandeja Paisa,” an international dish from Colombia that has grilled skirt steak meat, rice pilaf, red beans, avocado, ripe plantain and salad on the side. Another favorite is “Don Julio’s Platter” which comes with Carne Asada, (grilled steak) yellow Spanish rice, salad, black beans, avocado, and two freshly-made hand tortillas and a grilled jalapeno that finishes the Latin American touch.

El Parcerito (Trusted Friend)

Don Julio’s customizes the clients dining experience by its willingness to make from scratch whatever the client would like.

For further information click and view our updated menu and contact links at our home page.